Mike Beech

(1968 -1971 Labnav/ONI; 1975 - 1981 ONI)



Base Stations on Balikpapan


Balikpapan. Playboy DC3 - note the rabit below the cockpit window.  Aircraft was used by some high-up military personnel.

Argo installation on a Canmar vessel

Canmar Ops

Lockheed Lodestar, Shoran aerial Magnetometer survey


Jess Thompson in the Lodestar

Lodestar Loran? / Shoran setup

     The magnetometer survey was arranged by Jess - the pilot was a friend of his. A 16mm camera - rigged for single shot - recorded shotpoint data. Mike then developed the film each night in the hotel bathroom. One night a CGG guy - on a different project - walked in before Jess could react, putting paid to that day's production, which ensured GCC not very popular! Mike also made various repairs to aircraft systems when required, signed off by Jess, neither of them aeronautically qualified!


More Canmar ops

John ??, lost when the Arctic Explorer sank out of Halifax. 

Don't recall John's last name, Marion Lassiter escorted his body back to Australia. John was a terrific young man. This photo taken in the Nola tech shop. (Patrick Mathews Update)

Buoy Location - judging by the dress, definitely not Canmar Ops!

ONI Systems in NOLA shop Flight Track

JMR Satellite


Northstar - not a familiar piece of kit