Guess who

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Fill the gaps please:

Peter Barret , Harry Bridges, Peter Warmke, ?, Geoff Rolse-Smith

Chuck Holt


Don't know the man in foreground but on right is Tony Wells, Shoran and later Maxiran, Mini-Ranger and other RF systems shop tech. Very talented fellow. Photo was not taken in Nola shop no idea where it may be. (Patrick Mathews Update)

John Watkins' wedding:

Peter Warmke, Mike Warner, John Watkins,Kurt Peterson, Pat Carney

Bottom left to right Neida & Hans Karlsson, Trevor Loose and Margaret & Jim Mahlum Upper left to right are John & Boone Coffman then next is Ian Easterbrook. Not 100% sure on Trevor maybe 95%. Boone's name was pronounced Boon.
(Patrick Mathews Update)

Jim & Margaret Mahlum
(Patrick Mathews Update)


Both on a job in Alaska Left, Mike Mills

On the right, Chuck Holt (Patrick Mathews Update)

Left to right Al Devoe & Dave Clayton near the end of the bar at Smilie's, a legendary restaurant / bar across the street from ONI HQ. Bob Suggs and his entourage ate lunch there every day 1130 sharp. Closed now. (Patrick Mathews Update)

Left, Peter Barret (Patrick Mathews Update)

Louis Conner? Not 100% sure but could be an older Gene Talmadge. Singapore or Geneva folks would know for sure.
(Patrick Mathews Update)

Ladies at table siting left to right are Doris Wood, unsure, Joanel Poppe and Molly Landry. Tall lady standing is Fred's wife Cheryl Harr. Shortest guy in back center left blue shirt/jacket is Marion Lassiter.  (Patrick Mathews Update)


Right to left is Fred & Cheryl Harr the third lady perhaps
Al & Joanel Poppe's daughter Lisa.
(Patrick Mathews Update)

On the left is the one and only Charlie McCarley.
Don't know the others. (Patrick Mathews Update)

He doesn't look too sure about something!

I don't have clue on this family-perhaps not ONI