Graeme Wood

1969 - 1976

It's hard to imagine it's 44 years since I joined ONI. I was on leave in NZ late 1969 after working in Angola with IAL where I met Ron Hewson and his shoran crew: Fuzzy Hoffman, Ram Gopaul, John Reicher, Dan Jeffries and Lightning Johnson.

Ron telegraphed my home in Timaru offering a job with ONI. So when I got back to London after the break I took up the offer and flew out to join his crew at Pesaro, north east coast of Italy. I did some base station training there and in the Congo before going on to mobile work off Malta.

Over the next five odd years I worked with: Dan J, Earl Benson, Ron H, Dave Taylor, Ivor Smith, Phil Thomson, Angus Mclean, Jake Shirey, Tony Hoggart, Ian Cartner, Eric Amohanga, Bill Swan, Deiter Mousa, Kevin Harris, Mervyn Bishop & others, lost from memory......

I eventually left ONI, April 1976 and married Carolle 1977.

Approaching Glomar Sirte offshore Cabinda 1969

Mr Jack offshore Cabinda 1970

IAL mast Cabinda, under construction. Graeme worked for IAL before ONI.

Pipelaying off Cabinda

Ron Hewson at work

Ram Gopal at work!

Hard graft

Meteorite in Cabinda waters

Giving the aircon a workout!

Graeme Wood at Fuzzy Hoffman's Cabinda base station.  Updated by Graeme Wood

"Fuzzy" attempts some shuteye

Ah, that did the trick

John Recher & "Lightning" with captured chimp

Ron Hewson surveying in Cabinda

Western Beach of Ras al Kaima

Ron's 30th - looks like Bob Molloy +

Party at Cabinda, ONI / Brown & Root. Middle two- Ron Hewson with hat & Graeme Wood. Updated by Graeme Wood

Cabinda heliport

Fishing off Cabinda pier

Fuzzy fabricating our raft

Graeme at Malongo radio, prior to ONI

Fuzzy, Ron, and motorbike

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