Don Webb


1965 - 1973

A series of photos taken at a 1974 party, at Smileys, across the road from ONI HQ in NOLA

(Please feel free to advise on those missing names - should be familiar to most in the office.)

Don, Bob Hallenbeck, Mike Jarvis

Don, George Fossier, Bob

Baldwin, Tony Wells

Don Webb, Jack Dryer and Pat Matthews 
(Patrick Mathews Update)

Joe Mitchell & Tony Wells, who appears to have lost his book!

Left to right Bob Baldwin, Joe Mitchell, Dan Jefferies, Pat Matthews, Jack Lane, Fred Harr. (Patrick Mathews Update)

Judy & Bob Hallenbeck, Carol & Pat Matthews. In far back right is Mike Jarvis. (Patrick Mathews Update)

Mike Jarvis foreground, Bob Baldwin, Dan Jefferies, Joe Mitchell, Pat Matthews then Jack Lane and Fred Harr far right.  This was a get together at  Smileys in 1991 across the street from ONI, misidentified as 1974 by Don Webb elsewhere on the site. (Patrick Mathews Update)

When John Narramore got blown off a mountain. He was re-supplied and had a Mexican crew build a 3' thick wall around his tents. To this day the Indians refer to this as "El Templo de Narramore". 

John Narramore and my dad Tom Matthews were Air Force Shoran base techs during the Korean War where they met Joe Delerno who was a civilian e.e. over there helping the war effort. When John's son was  about 8 years old my brother and I helped him hit rocks with his dad's golf clubs at Presque Isle, Maine missile base. (Patrick Mathews Update)